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Software Foundations

Software Foundations 10.0分

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The Software Foundations series is a broad introduction to the mathematical underpinnings of reliable software.

The principal novelty of the series is that every detail is one hundred percent formalized and machine-checked: the entire text of each volume, including the exercises, is literally a "proof script" for the Coq proof assistant.

The exposition is intended for a broad r...

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Volume 1
Logical Foundations is the entry-point to the series. It covers functional programming, basic concepts of logic, computer-assisted theorem proving, and Coq.
Volume 2
Programming Language Foundations surveys the theory of programming languages, including operational semantics, Hoare logic, and static type systems.
Volume 3
Verified Functional Algorithms shows how a variety of fundamental data structures can be specified and mechanically verified.
Volume 4
QuickChick: Property-Based Testing in Coq introduces tools and techniques for combining randomized property-based testing with formal specification and proof in the Coq ecosystem.